Ramayana is the great theme of Valmiki. It consists of seven books or chapters namely BalaKand, AyodhyaKand, AranyaKand, KiskindhaKand, SundaraKand, YudhaKand and UttaraKand containing tales of King Dasaratha's court, the birth and boyhood of Rama and his brethren, his marriage with Sita - daughter of Janaka, his voluntary exile, the result of Kaikeyi's guile and Dasaratha's rash vow, the dwelling together of Rama and Sita in the great central Indian forest, her abduction by Ravana, the expedition to Lanka and the overthrow of the ravisher, and the life at Ayodhya after the return of the reunited pair.

Thus the structure of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is arranged into Seven Kaandas or Books, and they are:

  1. Bala Kanda ( Book of Youth) [92 Pictures]

  2. Ayodhya Kanda (Book of Ayodhya) [137 Pictures]

  3. Aranya Kanda (Book of Forest ) [92 Pictures]

  4. Kishkindha Kanda (The Empire of Holy Monkeys) [92 Pictures]

  5. Sundara Kanda ( Book of Beauty ) [92 Pictures]

  6. Yuddha Kanda ( Book of War ) [137 Pictures]

  7. Uttara Kanda (Book of return to Ayodhya) [137 Pictures]